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Match 1 -Abigail Mac and Christie Stevens are wearing tiny, white midriff tank tops and itsy bitsy daisy dukes. Abigail and Christie are nearly perfect physical specimen. Their tiny waists and curvy assets are shown off nicely in their outfits. The referee makes sure to warn the girls that there is to be “no cheating in this match.” However, within the first couple minutes Christie complains that Abigail has scratched her. With a coy look, Abigail denies the claim. The intensity and frequency of these dirty tactics only seems to increase as the match goes on. As the girls begin to slug harder and sink their chokes in deeper they seem to lose any pinch of decency they may have once had. Their small shirts ride up over and over again, yet neither girl even feigns to cover herself. This tasty catfight is way too much fun to pass up.

Match 2 -Do you like a nice tush on your lady wrestlers? If you do, then you have come to the right place. Skylar Rene and Angela Sommers both have outstanding bodies. They have the kind of bodies that stop traffic, all traffic, even trains stop to take a look. The tight booties and perky tits are on full display in this topless catfight. The only problem is that Angela doesn’t have half of the experience in the ring that Skylar does. This becomes evident at the sound of the bell. Skylar dominates the pace and style of the fight. Poor Angela does her best to keep up and get her shots in. The struggle is adorable and almost makes you feel bad when she is getting manhandled by a skilled Skylar. When Skylar’s butt flexes as she grape vines her whimpering opponent you will come back here and thank me for telling you to watch this video.

Match 3 -Andrea Rosu and Sara are slutty red heads. They parade around the ring wearing naughty schoolgirl outfits that have an immediate affect of shrinking the pants of any viewer. Obviously intimidated by one another, the women quickly begin name-calling. The verbal back and forth leads to each girl ripping off the top of her foe. This reveals the living works of art that lay beneath the pesky clothing. Glorious titty bounces and sways as the women strike and squeeze each other. Eventually, the tiny skirts are removed and the name of the game becomes dueling wedgies. You will be astounded at the lengths Andrea and Sara’s thongs will stretch to without breaking. Watching Sara’s soft body elongate onto its tippy toes as Andrea pulls the tiny thong nearly up to eye level will put a tear in the eye of even the most stoic of men. These fiery red heads are sure to start a kindling in your loins.


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