Erika Jordan vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing and Multi-Styles Match

DT-1578HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 591 MB


You want to be in Fight Club, you gotta prove yourself worthy. Erika Jordan is sure she is worthy as she tells the leader, Christina Carter. The much bigger Christina just laughs as she towers over this wanna be fighter. Erika challenges her to get into fight club and we are soon at the ring. The ladies are topless with boxing gloves on and ready to rumble. We are soon treated to a wild boxing round where Chris pushes her strength and Erika relies on her speed, heads, breasts and guts are smacked. The end of the round finds another challenge, strength proved with arm wrestling as on the mat they go to test their strength. We have victors in each style but no victory, next it is pro style wrestling where they both show their prowess with scissors, camel clutches, Boston crabs, chokes and many more but we still have no victor so on to a wild Cat fight where all is legal: hair pulling, crotch attacks, chokes, face sits and so much more. Time to end this so we are back to boxing but with legs, yes, kick boxing – let all the limbs fly, kick and slug every inch of this gorgeous flesh. Two beauties giving their all in all these different fighting styles. Fight Club has it all and the first rule of Fight Club is: fight it all, all the time !!!!!!