Erika Jordan vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1580HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 515 MB


Buck’s girls are back and badder than ever. Erika Jordan is in the office sporting her cowgirl costume for the upcoming party when Serene Siren enters wearing the same costume — this is just toooo much! Not only has Serene been seeing her man Buck but she has the nerve to come to this party and to top it off wearing the same outfit. You just know sparks are gong to fly, hell, forget sparks this is a raging fire. Two of the hottest women we have ever seen and when they take it to the next room we are treated to one hell of a fight, first they go after their costumes as each wants to rip it off this unworthy bitch, and rip it off they do – hell Serene even uses the costume to give Erika a sexy wedgie. Both babes are now naked and flying around the room, these athletes throw everything they have at each other, and those bites – when Serene has a side bite on Erika’s tit you can see the flesh in her mouth as her teeth bite down. And when Erika has Serene on the couch then spreads her legs and bites down on her juicy center, Serene screams in pain as Erika’s sweet ass sways in front of the camera – it’s a real treat. These babes go after every part of their amazing bodies, love it when Serene mounts and chews away on Erika’s firm ass. Oh and when they 69 on each others breasts it’s something g to behold, each takes her turn munching on that sweet chest flesh. It’s a wild romp with two of the sexiest most savage babes ever. Buck you are one lucky guy !!!!!!