Kianna Dior vs. Christina Carter w/London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless (mostly bikini, barely topless at all) Catfight Match

DT-1582HD/ Time: 29 Minutes / 689 MB


Kianna Dior walks into a changing room and starts changing out of her sweats into a cute blue and yellow bikini. Her enormous breasts are worth the price of admission alone, but this video has so much more to offer. Kianna grabs a bottle of body lotion and rubs down her breasts before putting the bikini top on and heading towards the ring for a championship bout. In the other changing room Christina Carter and London River are getting ready for the fight. London is undressing Christina and getting her mentally and physically prepared for the fight. London gives Christina some positive affirmation about how great she is and how easily she will destroy Kianna. Then London gets out the bottle of oil and starts massaging Christina’s entire hourglass figure. Christina moans as London’s hands play Christina’s strong body like an instrument. Christina is then dressed in a bikini by her handler, London, and then both women walk out to the ring. Christina and Kianna meet in the center of the ring and agree to the terms of the match, one of which states that the loser of the match must give her bikini to the winner. The bell rings and Christina comes out strong, she grabs Kianna in a bulldog choke and throws left hook after left hook into Kianna’s pretty face. Christina definitely has the early momentum in this fight, but when the second round starts, Kianna lands a series of clean head shots that sends Christina reeling. Which of these big breasted fighters is going to walk away with the belt? You will have to watch this video to find out.