Christina Carter vs. Aubrey Black


DT-1591HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 524 MB


Christina Carter and Aubrey Black are some naughty nurses with thick and juicy bodies. Normally they have a very healthy working relationship, but today they get in an argument about who gets to work with their hot new patient. The confrontation escalates until the girls are shoving each other and rolling around on the floor. Their tight white nurses uniforms easily ride up or peel down until Christina and Aubrey’s big tits and buttocks are out on full display. Christina and Aubrey are so angry that they aren’t even embarrassed, rather all they see are new targets. Ms. Carter and Ms. Black start biting and mauling one another’s tits and crotch. Aubrey removes Christina’s panties and the only thing that Christina can do to protect her now bare crotch is to apply double fish hooks to Aubrey’s pretty mouth. Her plumps lips start to turn a dark shade of purple as they look like they are about to rip. Luckily, Aubrey shakes her head just in time to escape. Are you in the mood to watch two buxom nurses get completely nude and bite each other’s bare crotches while they trade fish hooks, then you are definitely going to enjoy this match.