Alexia Anders vs. Cassie Del Isla


DT-1610HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 497 MB

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This video begins with Alexia Anders and Cassie Del Isla already in mid fight. The girls are topless and bear-hugging each other. In fact, both of these adorable fighters are stuffed into the same pair of white thong panties. Cassie has taught Alexia everything she knows about female fighting, but Alexia is ready to branch out on her own. At first, Cassie dominates their breast fighting, making the smaller Alexia question whether or not she wants this fight. However, as the match goes into deeper waters, Alexia starts to gain strength and Cassie begins to waver. Alexia slams Cassie into a wall and smashes her like a bug. Alexia bends down and removes the panties which are holding them together. She then drags Cassie into the bedroom and mounts Cassie. Cassie seems weak and about to give up, but she musters enough strength to barrel roll and regain control. These two nude beauties cat ball like this for a while, but it is Alexia who does eventually take back the reins. Alexia makes Cassie regret she ever taught her how to fight by squishing her over and over again with her perfectly tight nubile figure. This match is extra sexy… if your into that sort of thing.