Tylene Buck vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1618HD/Time: 21 Minutes / 358 MB

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Two of the wildest most beautiful blondes ever to grace a ring: Tylene Buck and Serene Siren, you have loved both of these babes separately, now see them together in one of the wildest blonde brawls ever. Just watching them talk trash and sway their sexy figures before the match in a classic warm up that has us eager for this to begin — they do not disappoint because once they start, they never slow down. They start with a prolonged lock up that shows off their sleek muscular legs, a hard slug to the gut puts Tylene in control, she throws Serene in the corner and batters her with chest forearm blasts then throws her across the ring but Serene quickly turns the tables and once on Tylene she sends a battery of blasts to her vulnerable gut – she knows she has to go hard to control this veteran. Once Serene has Tylene in the corner she lifts Tylene’s legs and stretches the blonde beauty as Tylene keeps hold of the top ropes till she has to let go and slam to the mat — got to see it. Neither lady can stay in control so it’s back and forth we go, we are treated to some of the best holds ever, like when Tylene picks up Serene’s legs and while Serene does a head stand Tylene pounds on her gut. These beauties don’t miss a trick: breasts and nipples are mangled, butts are slapped and wedgied, chokes, amazing holds and so many gut shattering blows it has their blonde hair flying. These blondes do have more fun, they just can’t help it because they’re two of the hottest blondes ever – they go wild on each other and you will go wild watching them !!!!!!