Christina Carter vs. Helena Locke


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Bearhugs are on the menu for today’s video. Christina Carter and Helena Locke are topless when the match starts so they don’t have to waste any time taking their clothes off before they fight. They women don’t even wait for the bell to ring. They march to the center of the ring and wrap their arms around each other. Christina is a good deal taller than Helena. She looks down at the petite blonde as she flexes her muscles and forces a guttural moan out of Helena. Ms. Locke has Christina in an embrace as well and when she finally catches her breathe, she tries to put the squeeze back on Christina. However, this doesn’t seem to work too well as Christina is barely fazed and quickly crushes Helena’s torso again. The one sided standing bear hugs persist until Helena is basically out on her feet. Slumped over Christina’s shoulder, Helena can barely hold her head up. If you would like to see the powerful Christina Carter bear hug a smaller blonde until most of her ribs are broken and she passes out from the pain and exhaustion, then you will truly appreciate this masterpiece.