Niki Meow vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apt. Catfight Domination Match

DT-1629HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 487 MB

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Oh do we love new girls especially when they meet up with one of our destructive veterans and that’s exactly what happens when new girl, Niki Meow, won’t sign the divorce papers for Christina Carter – oh she is going to sign or Christina will beat the hell out of this sexy blonde. Soon her dress is pulled down and Christina works over her sweet natural breasts, then Christina pulls down her own top so she can use her bountiful breasts to smother the spunky blonde. Still no signing, over Christina’s knee where she makes that beautiful white ass red with hard smacks that shake those cheeks while she pulls her hair. A bearhug crushes blondie’s chest as the breasts smash together, then take her to the wall for more chest collisions. The floor awaits its turn to host these wild women as Christina applies a crushing body scissors and more breast to breast pounding. The spunk is out of our blonde but even getting her way isn’t enough for crazy Christina, she wants to teach this blonde a lesson, so it’s off to the bedroom for some farewell destruction, where on the bed, then on the blonde Christina’s voluptuous breasts become the ultimate sleeping potion. New girls need to be broken in and no one loves to introduce them like Christina. You do what she says or you pay the price — a painful price !!!!!!