Goldie Blair POV


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Goldie Blair is amazing and even more so when she dons her super costume as Britannia, yes this sexy super heroine is ready to do battle with YOU, or at least that’s the way it will feel – actually she is going to fight the evil monster but since it’s a POV match you will feel and see as the monster does because you will be up close and personal with each blow, grab and kick. Right from the beginning when Goldie throws us in the ring and proceeds to kick and punch the hell out of us or the monster, hard blows that have monster reeling but he gets in his blows also, nice low blows have Goldie crawling and sprawling showing off those shapely legs and nice ass but Goldie being one of the toughest babes we have is up and ready to do battle, again she is in control with kick after kick of her own low blows, how much more can monster take but wait… something strange, our monster is getting stronger – something wild is happening and Goldie is shocked, more than shocked she is now on the receiving end of destruction. Smart monster, he goes after those luscious breasts, not able to really enjoy them he pulls her top down and now we get to feel as he grabs those mounds of soft flesh. Pull that skirt off, this super heroine needs to feel the shame of being stripped. High on the ropes she is kicked, more blows have her strewn over the bottom rope – she is unable to fight back and now the monster has some real fun as breasts and crotch are…. well you get the picture, because you are there, up close and personal – so go ahead, FEEL IT !!!!!!