Arielle Lane vs. Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1639HD/Time: 28 Minutes / 667 MB

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Misty Stone is the head of a women’s sports club and she just finished an intense workout. She is all sweaty, relaxing on the couch when Arielle Lane walks through the front door and starts talking Misty’s ear off. Misty is annoyed at first when Arielle inquires about MMA matches at the club, but she gets pissed when Arielle challenges Misty to a fight. Misty gets to her feet and the women compare how athletic their bodies are. Arielle takes her top off and Misty is a little surprised. Arielle says this is how I like to fight, “Are you too scared?” Misty hesitates for a moment before finally taking her tank top off and showing her natural and perky tits. The girls make their way to the ring wearing nothing but thong underwear. They spray each other down with water so that their bodies glisten under the lights of the ring. The lead up to this match is great, but the actual fight is pretty damn good too. Misty knocks Arielle to the mat and puts her in a powerful side control pin. Arielle has to give everything she has to buck her way out from under it and apply a grape vine pin to Misty. Arielle’s ass jiggles as she rubs her petite tits in Misty’s angry face. You are definitely not going to want to miss this one.