Tylene Buck vs. Christina Carter


DT-1649HD/Time: 23 Minutes / 5331 MB

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Tylene Buck is rubbing lotion on her long legs in the Double Trouble changing room as she tells the cameraman that there’s no way she can lose today’s match. Tylene is topless and her plump tits are peaking through the silk robe. Christina Carter is the reigning DT heavyweight champion and she is a good deal taller and more muscular than Tylene. Christina also rubs her ass and bare tits down with lotion as she explains that the weight difference means that Christina is definitely going to smother poor Tylene into submission. When the bell rings the women get right to it and Christina shows that she really can manhandle Tylene. She pulls Tylene to the mat and locks in a double chicken wing that leaves Tylene no choice but to tap. At some point, the ladies lose their bikini bottoms and this already great match becomes one of the greatest. Christina starts the next round with a bulldog choke and drives Tylene’s head into the mat. Tylene quickly rolls back onto her feet and lunges at Christina, grabbing her hair. Christina is caught off guard, which allows Tylene to put a bow and arrow on her. This one-sided beatdown has turned into a close match. If you want to see who wins, the skinny blonde or the voluptuous brunette, then you gotta’ watch the video!