Kianna Dior vs. Dee Williams

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1650HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 458 MB

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This video is shot in first person; you are a recovering patient in the hospital and Kianna Dior and Dee Williams are big breasted, slutty nurses who are here to make you feel better. Kianna enters the room in a very tight and revealing nurses uniform and bends down to put her giant tits in your face. She says that she wants to make you feel better and that you are her favorite patient. As soon as Kianna leaves the room, Dee enters wearing a very similar outfit. Dee also has her large boobs fighting their way out of that tiny white uniform. She definitely has a crush on you, just like Kianna, but her mood sours when she smells Kianna’s perfume. Kianna then enters the room and the naughty nurses start to argue over who can nurse you back to health better. They bump and posture until their tops come undone and they are pulling one another’s bras off, and all of this happens right in front of your sick bed. In fact, they keep looking over at you to ask for your support and attention as they fight over you. If you have a thing for nurses, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t, then you are sure to enjoy this sexy, point of view cat fight.