Vivian Fox vs Cassie Del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1659HD/Time: 26 Minutes / 615 MB

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Vivian Fox and Cassie Del Isla are some sexy fighting females and today they are ready for a good old fashioned cat fight. They have their tiny little thongs on, and their thigh high stockings, and absolutely nothing else. Their pretty, perky tits are on display for us to enjoy. These women have tight, athletic bodies that not only put up a good fight, but also look good doing it. Vivian used to be a champion with DT, but a few years ago she left to fight in the European bare knuckle female boxing scene. Vivian has now returned to the states to reclaim her belt, but since she left, there is a whole new crop of tough fighters. Cassie has quickly become a fan favorite at DT and she is champing at the bit to show Vivian that there’s no more room at DT for an old “has been” like her. Vivian drops Cassie with a clean straight right to the jaw and jumps on top of the limp body so she can pull her panties to the side and pinch her pussy lips right in front of the camera. Cassie is embarrassed and furious. She finally wiggles her way out of Vivian’s control and mounts a violent attack against the once tried and true champion. If you are in the mood to watch some tight bodied young women get completely nude as they rub and pinch each other’s private parts, then you should definitely give this video a watch.