Tylene Buck vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing-style Catfight Match

DT-1660HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 475 MB

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The announcer calls Kianna Dior’s name and the busty Asian comes strutting out to the ring wearing a yellow robe and bicycle shorts. She shadow boxes a little bit to get warmed up and then she drops her robe to show off those big beautiful boobs. As Kianna goes to her corner, the announcer says, “Tylene Buck” and we can see a shade of fear pass over Kianna’s face. Tylene comes running to the ring. She is wearing a white robe and booty shorts and Tylene’s breasts are almost as big as Kianna’s. The girls face off in the center of the ring where the fight almost starts without the bell even going off. Kianna and Tylene reluctantly pull themselves back to their corners for just a moment before the bell goes off and they rush back to the fight. The women are not holding anything back; they throw big nasty haymakers that would leave a lesser woman knocked out for hours. They trade knockdowns, but manage to make it back to their feet. When the bell rings Kianna and Tylene stumble back to their stools to be hand fed water and sprayed down to keep cool. This boxing style catfight is a real treat and features two of DT’s best girls.