Agatha Delicious vs. Sarah Brook

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Bloody Catfight Match

DT-1661HD/Time: 23 Minutes / 536 MB

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Agatha Delicious and Sarah Brook are on opposite sides of the political spectrum – one is hard left and the other is hard right and I do mean hard because these ladies have been out in the streets battling with their rival groups. Each lady is bruised and bloody from their conflicts and each is looking for refuge so it’s one hell of a brutal coincidence they both find the same warehouse at the same time, they each stagger in from different directions. Agatha finds a bed and collapses, she can’t believe how good this feels until… you guessed it – Sarah staggers in and now these two ultimate foes are face to face and we hear how much hate there is between them as both spout their opposite philosophies but mostly it’s a philosophy of hate. Words soon become action and hatred turns into chokes and bites, everything these two do is severe, those bites are to the face and we see the teeth sink deep as we get great shots up close and personal. Soon they rip their tops off so they have even more targets to attack as more blood flows. On the ground they roll till on their knees they square off, each takes her turn slapping her foe hard so hard their faces roll – who can take the most abuse? Then standing we have one of the most intense wedgie pulls ever and it lasts so long taking them back to the floor where it turns into a tit battle. These are two of the wildest babes at DT and when their tempers and politics are involved it’s even worse. They came in bruised and bloody and it gets soooo much worse !!!!!!