Kymberly Jane vs. Goldie Blair

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Legs Match

DT-1667HD/Time: 30 Minutes / 728 MB

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This video begins and Goldie Blair is already sitting on Kymberly Jane’s face. Kymberly is kicking and moaning from underneath Goldie’s powerful body. The camera is down on the mat looking up at Kymberly’s pretty toes as they kick and slide along the canvas in a futile protest. The entire focus of this video is Kymberly’s lower extremities. We hardly get to hear or see Goldie as she goes to work on poor Kymberly. And Kymberly’s face is barely even in the video since Goldie is constantly sitting or squeezing her face with those big powerful legs. The women are topless and we do get to see their breasts, but the star of the show is definitely Kymberly’s writhing gams. Goldie spins on Kymberly’s face and from the reverse schoolgirl pin she leans over and spreads Ms. Jane’s legs, and scratches her long nails along the inside of Kymberly’s soft thighs. This is definitely a niche video, but if you are interested in a faceless and beautiful pair of legs squirming uncontrollably as they are relentlessly tortured, then you should look no further because this is the video for you.