Bonnie Dolce vs. Blue Angel w/ Amirah Adara

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Euro Pro-style Match

DT-1668HD/Time: 15 Minutes / 368 MB

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Amirah is the coach and she has brought her new champion, Bonnie Dolce to fight Blue Angel, now this Bonnie is so petite you might wonder how she can be the champ. We find she is very fast with her little pixie body and while Blue is stronger she is taken by surprise at first. But I’m getting ahead of myself, first they have to get ready for this multi fall match and as always the Euro babes get prepared by getting naked. Just look at this petite pixie Bonnie! So much fun watching her wrap her nude body around the beautiful Angel and squeeze till she has Blue Angel’s sweet tits jumping – she has the first fall. We have many quick falls, but finally Blue finds her rhythm and we have a real fight. Amirah cheers them on as we are treated to: scissors, figure four leg locks, bow and arrow, camel clutch and Indian leg lock. Our naked Euro babes are full of life. Their energy will have you smiling. But someone may need a new coach !!!!!!