Ariel vs. Lana

Topless Ring Match

20 Minutes – Standard Download

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Ariel X is back in the ring with her new blonde hair and it looks good on her tanned and muscular body. She flexes for the camera and shows off her impressive wingspan. Standing on the other side of the ring is a relative newcomer to female wrestling, Lana Violet, a small but feisty Asian. Lana seems to think that she will have a chance today, but history and the laws of physics would seem to disagree with her. The bell rings and Ariel marches toward Lana. She easily drops Ms. Violet and begins to stretch and bend Lana’s small body like a rag doll. However, Lana is no quitter; she puts up one hell of a fight. She kicks and scratches and even gets a few foot stomps in on her legendary opponent. Unfortunately, it just isn’t enough. Lana is just no match for Ariel’s raw power and skill. Eventually, Ariel begins to break Lana’s will. These women have beautiful perky tits that bounce and jiggle everywhere during this wild catfight. If you would like to see a powerful specimen like Ariel stomp out a small Asian cutie like Lana, then boy do we have the match for you!


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