Skylar vs. Christina

Topless Smothering Match

45 Minutes – Standard Download


Christina Carter is doing an interview in the Double Trouble studio. She is topless, wearing only a pair of turquoise panties. Christina happily recounts how she has demolished every girl she has faced in the past couple of years. No one seems to be able to handle Christina’s giant breasts and ass. She gets a hold of these tiny girls and just sits on them and smashes them until they are crying for mercy. Christina is actually a little disappointed. She would like to find a worthy opponent to stand up to her. The interviewer has an idea, he suggests that Christina take on Skylar. She is a newer girl, tall with thick thighs and one of the most powerful asses to ever step into the DT ring. Christina’s eyes light up. She marches back to the changing room and finds Skylar. She grabs the confused young lady by her high ponytail and drags her back into the interview room. Christina pulls down Skylar’s top, showing her perky tits. Christina pushes Skylar into the wall and starts a violent breast fight. Skylar is taken by surprise and she never quite gets a chance to regain her composure. Christina lies Skylar on the couch and squishes her in every possible way. Skylar’s only option is to be a good girl and worship her new master. Buckle up, this is a hot one.


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