Capri vs. Erika

Topless Catfight Match

23 Minutes – Standard Download


Capri and Erika Jordan are featured today in a pinning match. Neither woman is wearing a top and both have amazing racks, big and perky. A pinning match means that Capri and Erika take turns starting off in a full mount pin and the girl on bottom wins if she can escape the bottom position. Capri wins the coin toss and gets to lie on top of Erika. Capri is wearing a tiny g-string and boy does this mounted position make her ass look great. Erika’s face turns red as she grunts and struggles to escape. When she can’t stand it anymore, Erika knees Capri in the crotch, a dirty move that the referee is too impotent to do anything about. Now it’s Capri’s turn to get on the bottom. Erika mounts her and it doesn’t take too long for Capri to strike back with a dirty move of her own by biting Erika on the shoulder. Erika complains loudly, but the referee is again a loss for what it is he can do. The match continues like this for over twenty minutes, the ladies mount each other and then try to fight their way out, all the while cheating and complaining to the useless ref. This is a fun match featuring two smoking hot DT regulars.


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