September Reign vs. Serene Siren

Topless Boxing

28 Min – 696 MB – High Definition

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September Reign is brand new to the DT fighting roster. She is a smoking hot ebony babe with a natural athleticism that has made her one of the most dangerous active fighters. Her coach, Serene Siren, is excited to be working with such a talented new prospect. However, she is frustrated with how distracted and lazy the young hotshot is. Once again, she walks in to find September on her cell phone instead of practicing. Serene rips the phone out of September’s hands as she dresses her down. September laughs in Serene’s face and tells her veteran coach that she doesn’t need to practice. Serene refuses to give the phone back and before they know it they are shoving each other. This all culminates in a topless boxing match between the young, tight bodied, and big tittied ebony hottie and the gorgeous blonde legend. When they finally meet in the ring, Serene shows September how inexperienced she is by dropping her on her tight little ass. September jerks and shakes as she comes out of her short nap. She understands how dangerous her former coach is and starts putting her outstanding athleticism to work. Can Serene stand up to the raw power of September’s youth or will September learn a valuable lesson about talking back?


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