Tylene Buck vs. Celste Star & ???

Topless Superheroine Fantasy

20 Min – 480 MB – High Definition

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Nothing better than a good fantasy with sexy ladies in sexy costumes – so get ready because Tylene Buck and Celeste Star are in such sexy outfits. Celeste rushes in being chased by Tylene in her super sexy red white and blue short skirted super hero costume. Celeste is thrown into the ring causing her sexy black costume to ride above her breasts. The blonde beats up this bad girl, even overcoming her super power, poor Celeste is battered from one end of the ring to the other. But just when the blonde has her victim by the hair and is taking her in – a thing enters the ring, he has a male voice and calls himself; THE OPERATOR, he is Celeste’s boss and Tylene vows to destroy him as she did Celeste, she smacks him around the ring but he only laughs at his destruction — until it’s his turn but he doesn’t want to destroy this blonde alone, no he brings our brunette into the battle. Now both of these bad reprobates go after the blonde, oh and what they do to her – strip her topless and double team her in every way, while one holds her the other molests her breasts and pussy, at the ring post she is splayed while one goes out of the ring to pull her tender center to a painful end. She is stretches and battered by these evil demons but somehow she still looks so good, I guess you can’t batter the sexy out of this blonde. Super sexy supers — we love em !!!!!!


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