Hollywood and Fight Babe Robin

Pro Wrestling Match

19 Min – 484 MB – High Definition

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Two of the very best and still going strong — that’s Hollywood and Fight Babe Robin, these two ageless beauties have been wowing fight fans for decades and they are still two of the best.  Hollywood (one of the original Glow Girls) is stretching her long lean beautiful body as she tells us how she is the queen of KOs and will do it again today.  In the other corner we see Robin stretching her sexy blonde body as she tells how she is the queen of submissions, (Robin also perviously known as Susie Johnson ). Soon we are in a heated fight, both grapplers came to win but they also came to show off their skills in the ring, so get ready for some real slick wrestling but that does not mean they don’t love to inflict pain and that is readily evident as a vicious test of strength ends in a reverse matchbook that ends in a tight leg lock girdle that gives us our first submission but there are many more to come as they roll from one hold to another and so many interesting chokes with arms and especially legs wrapped tight around feminine necks forcing an inevitable tap.  So get ready because legends are legendary and these two have earned their status as legends !!!!!!


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