Erika vs Sarah

Nude Boxing to Catfight Match

20 Min – 495 MB – High Definition

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Today we have a boxing match on the docket. Erika Jordan and Sarah Brooke are suited up in boxing trunks,  sports bras, boxing gloves, and satin robes. They show off how muscular and toned their bodies are. They smile and flex for the camera. Sarah and Erika face off in the center of the ring and slam their big tits together as an intimidation tactic. They walk back to their corners and pull their robes off as the bell rings. Both women slink across the ring like cats on the hunt. These girls are wild and swing for the fences with almost every attempt. When they land, the victim goes flying in a glorious 180. After a frustrating grunt fest, Sarah pulls her gloves off for some catfighting. Erika does the same, but also removes her sports bra. Before you know it, both ladies are completely nude with handfuls of hair and are biting the hell out of each other. If you want to see two beautiful, but aggressive women biting and mauling one another’s sexy nude bodies, then you need to check out this video.


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