Skylar vs Cassie

Topless Apartment Domination Match

30 Min – 724 MB – High Definition

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You sign these divorce papers because your husband wants to marry a strong woman, Skylar Rene now flexes her muscles then throws the papers at Cassie Del Isla, but Cassie just tells her to get out.  Cassie stands up to get this bitch out of her house but Skylar is ready to prove her strength, she clamps on the suffocating bear hug then throws her on the couch and pounces on Cassie using her muscular body weight to steal her air.  Next it’s into a matchbook, she bends her as we are treated to Cassie’s skin tight jeans outlining her amazing ass, yes these jeans are a real treat especially when twice Skylar spanks that protruding butt, it’s almost like each cheek is trying to escape that dominating denim.  Skylar also takes off Cassie’s top freeing those luscious breasts and making her long bearhugs even closer.  Skylar has a lot more pain in store for our bronze beauty, my favorite is when she pins her against the wall and presses her now bare breasts into Cassie’s, hands are pulled over head as chests slam together compressing breast flesh.  Skylar is still by no means finished, those papers need to be signed and maybe the over the knee spanking is just the trick.  Skylar won’t take no for an answer!!!!!!


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