Skylar Rene vs. Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim

Topless Domination

21 Min – 521 MB – High Definition


Oh boy, oh boy — two fabulous new Asian babes: Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim – they are the wrestling duo called the KO Cuties and they don’t care who they wrestle. Big strong Skylar Rene enters and listens to their tough talk, she shows them her muscles and when they all go to the center for some posing it is very striking just how much bigger she is than these two petit babes, she lords over them.
Skylar has to pin each one of them and they only have to pin her once BUT only one of them at a time. Skylar’s power is just too much and she destroys the first challenger, hold after hold she applies with torment till she is able to walk her prey around the ring like her little puppy but watch out, the other half of team is about to strike and with what has to be an illegal weapon. Skylar is smashed to the canvas, time for the count out BUT… yes, big beautiful muscle girl makes her come back and now she is going to wreck vengeance on these gorgeous Asian beauties. High on the rope chokes, pulled over the top rope bend, scissors of all kinds, lifted over her back breakers, then for doubles as she chokes both at once bent over backwards and finally a lusty tie up that allows her to play with their sweet breasts. You will want to see much more of these two, so lively and so cute — Asian beauty babes !!!!!!


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