Kimora Quin vs. Emma Rosie

Topless Apartment Catfight

20 Min – 492 MB – High Definition


Kimora Quin is a tall, lean, caramel skinned goddess on a mission to beat the snot out of the girl that has been hooking up with her boyfriend. Emma Rosie is a tiny petite blonde who is nearly half the height of Kimora. Kimora is enraged that her man would take notice of such a Smurf of a human being. She grabs Emma by her small blonde head and shakes her like a rag doll before slamming her into a wall. Emma’s pale arms flail and when Kimora releases her she actually takes off running, but with Kimora’s longer legs she catches up to Emma quickly. However, Emma has played the victim for long enough, she winds up an open handed slap that shakes Kimora. Emma jumps up and grabs Kimora by her dark locks and pulls her down to the couch. Emma jumps on her and starts raining down cruel slaps. Kimora is completely stunned by how aggressive Emma is. She is a honey badger that never takes her foot off the gas. She knocks out Kimora by sitting on her face, only to immediately wake her up again for more brutality and embarrassment. These stunning young women and their perky natural tits put on an amazing show; it’s not often that you see an underdog put on an absolute clinic like we see in this glorious match.


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