Match 1 – Two raven haired beauties square off to see if speed can conquer power. Curvaceous Diana goes after Asian delight, Nicole in this hard charging match and it’s power that scores fist as Diana slams Nicole with some good gut slugs sending her to the mat where a sustained waist scissors takes some of the fight out of our sleek Asian warrior, but never count out speed as this hold is reversed and now it’s Nicole’s turn to be on top – and she likes it on top where she can dish out the pain. Diana almost seems to enjoy the punishment and is soon back in control. Back and forth it goes from hold to slug until Diana has had enough of this type of grappling and with another waist scissors applied she takes off Nicole’s top and goes after her perky breasts, she soon rips off her own top and both ladies now attack with abandon. Is it power or speed that prevails? It really doesn’t matter as these two make it so much fun to watch.

Match 2Cali Logan vs Sinn Sage – not much more needs to be said, long have we waited to get these two together. The wait was worth it, these two beautiful youngsters are eager to show off their stuff. Sinn is looking the fittest we have ever seen her and she shows it off by taking control of Cali. Her experience is soon evident as she applies some tortuous holds. Soon Sinn is doing what Sinn likes best and that’s taking the top off her opponent, oh and does she like Cali’s pert, supple breasts all the better to squeeze, tease and eventually please. But cute Cali isn’t taking all of this lying down – because what she lacks in experience she makes up for in vigor. Sinn-sational Sinn and dishy Cali topless and rolling over each other, we aren’t sure if those moans and groans are of pain or pleasure because these two enjoy being physical. This match has a bit of everything, holds, slugs, trash talking and even a great tie up in the end that allows one of them to really dominate her victim. Who could ask for more?

Match 3Tanya Danielle was always a DT favorite so we couldn’t be happier to have her back, but she may not be so happy to be back when she sees who her first opponent is – nasty, Goldie Blair, and we all know Goldie can be as tough as she is voluptuous. Watching Tanya stretching in her corner makes us remember why we liked her so, she puts that perfectly shaped leg on the rope and dips her gorgeous head to it and we see that fabulous body stretch – poetry in motion. But this aint no poetry reading to Goldie, she immediately attacks Tanya’s buxom chest, Tanya soon returns the favor as Goldie has a lot of chest to offer. This turns into a mutual breast grab and then to a devastating mutual bear hug. Then to some slugs and back to more breast torture only this time sans tops, now they can really tweak those pert nipples and soon Tanya is using her large mammaries as a weapon, she smothers Goldie with them. Goldie again has her turn and she turns poor Tanya into a pretzel as she neck scissors her then brings Tanya’s leg up to her head, all the time torturing her ass and other parts of her body – it’s a delight to see. Hell – this whole match is a delight, when you get two mouthy ladies with bodies like these — IT’S JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.


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