Kimora Quin vs. Hollywood

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Ring Catfight Match

DT-1716HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 527 MB

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Hollywood is a legend here at DT and today she has agreed to take one of our newer girls under her wing. Kimora Quin hasn’t been wrestling very long, but she has a spicy personality and an amazingly long and tight super model body. Hollywood decides to show Kimora the ropes by facing off in a friendly exhibition match. Kimora is a little too cocky for Hollywood’s taste and during their test of strength Hollywood pretends that Kimora is beating her. She even gives a naughty little wink at the camera. However, all of Kimora’s confidence is shattered she Hollywood delivers a monstrous front kick to Kimora’s tight little tummy. Hollywood manhandles and contorts Kimora’s perfect body for the rest of the video. She takes great pleasure in watching Kimora’s pretty face yelp for pity from her dominant attacker. Once Hollywood has choked Kimora unconscious for the last time she ties up her victim and has a little photo shoot with her pretty, but unconscious foe. If you are in the mood for a one-sided beat down where one of the most accomplished female wrestlers in history takes out all of her aggression on some beautiful and skinny new girl, then look no further.