Super Brawl at The Super Bowl The Catfight to Win It All 2


Serene Siren vs. Lora Cross

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

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Continue, more blood, more bruising — more wild catfighting. That’s just what we have as Serene Siren and Lora Cross finish their amazing battle from 1724. We open on a great shot that looks down on their stunning figures as they lie on the bed waiting for the second half of their Super Bowl brawl to begin, the ref says start and we are traveling down a tortuous road of destruction. They take turns rolling on top of each other as they secure a dominate position in a 69 but these ladies are not wishing to pleasure their foe no, no licking on their pussies, just hard biting. How did these sexy cheerleaders get to this point in life, this is really carrying your team spirit to the extreme, so extreme they beat and batter every part of their bodies and they have the bruises and blood to prove it. They just won’t stop, from the bed to the floor to the wall – from faces, to breasts, to pussies. These beauties show just how wild they can get — and that’s extreme wild !!!!!