There’s A Storm Coming Bitch, Weather You Like It Or Not. Meteorologist At War.


Erika Jordan vs. Alexis Malone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1739HD/Time: 26 Minutes / 629 MB

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Look at these TV weather forecasting babes, as we hear their stories we see them pacing in anger but look what they are wearing – the most sexy dresses ever, wow so much fun to watch Erika Jordan and Alexis Malone strut in their skimpy, shinny garb. Next we see them meet in a bedroom to battle it out, Erika brings a thermometer that she plans on ramming up the blonde’s pussy. They strip out of their sexy dresses and face off with savage verbiage, then as Erika picks up the thermometer to use it as a weapon Alexis attacks her – we are off. This is a fierce war that has these two beautiful bodies going crazy on each other: on the floor Alexis kicks Erika, then on the bed Erika slugs the blonde so hard she flies off the bed. Each gets in her licks till they are both bruised and bloody to the hilt. Now we know how tough the gorgeous Erika is but Alexis is fairly new and now we really know how amazing this blonde is — wow, not just a striking body but a wild fighter that can give as well as she takes which makes this – ONE HELL OF A SHOW !!!!!!