MIXED MATCH – Puma vs Kymberly Jane


Puma vs Kymberly Jane


MM-036 / Time: 21 Minutes / 489 MB

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The Puma is back, we all love Puma and thank goodness we have lots of matches left with the great one. Today he takes on another great: Kymberly Jane and this is a nice robust Kym. Now Kymberly is always one to say what she thinks and say it loud but her talk is soon cut short as Puma has her in big trouble; in the corner she is pounded in the gut as he works his will on poor Kym. This is just one of many corner visits where Puma even puts her up on the top rope for better leverage and access. Low blows, gut punches, and when her top comes off the chest smacks make her robust breasts vibrate. Puma just loves using Kym’s hair as a weapon, he drags her around the ring until he has her in just the right position for a new punishing hold. Get ready because: PUMA, he is back !!!!!!


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