SPECIAL FANTASIES – Erika Jordan & Sarah Jessie


Erika Jordan vs. Sarah Jessie

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sexy Kissing and Sucking Domination Match

SF-044b  / Time: 32 Minutes / Size: 747

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This is the second part of SF-044a, the lesbian sex club series where Erika Jordan is now the queen and Sarah Jessie is trying to dethrone her. We begin where the last episode left off with both babes topless and on the floor when Erika gets on top of Sarah in a 69 position and sucks her navel while Sarah from the bottom also sucks Erika’s and their breasts are smashed together making for one hell of a sexy position but it gets so much sexier when Sarah switches positions and now she is on top, she really plays with the tits, she rubs her nipples on Erika’s and soon all four are standing at attention, and let me tell you these are some amazing nipples, this was enough for me but not for these girls, not by a long shot. Queen Erika is now fully in charge and once she puts her collar on Sarah she demands tribute and Sarah responds sucking so much of Erika’s amazing body that the saliva drenches her body, her white panties are soaked. Not a lot of wrestling but a lot of sexy slurpy sucking !!!!!!