Match 1Nicole Oring and Tylene Buck both wear cropped t-shirts and flesh-colored tights as they compete against each other in a DT ring match. Nicole’s headlock forces Tylene to the mat within the first few seconds and the nuclear Nipponese takes an early commanding lead over the bosomy blonde. Tylene is tossed into the corner with Nicole’s foot planted against her throat. Some knees to the belly and a flip to the canvas bring Tylene even more pain. Tylene never gets a chance to mount a defense and Nicole’s vise-like sleeper hold ends the match with an unconscious blonde sprawled under the ass of her Asian adversary. But wait, this match isn’t over, at least, not for Nicole. Tylene is subjected to one tumultuous tactic after another as her head is power-bombed to the canvas, her body thrown and battered, her crotch stomped and another knockout punctuated by yet one more humiliating facesit. Nicole really expected more of a fight from the supposedly legendary Ms. Buck and basks in her victory, turning her back on her devastated opponent. That proves an enormous mistake for Nicole as Tylene explodes back to life and shows the once-proud Nicole that Tylene Buck does indeed deserve the mantle of wrestling legend.

Match 2Christina Carter and Paris Kennedy plot to get even with Diana Knight for sleeping with Christina’s man. Diana, however, has a bone to pick with Christina as well and has brought her friend Akira Lane, who takes an instant dislike to Paris. All four girls are dressed in white tank tops and denim shorts as the gist of the argument comes down to one word: “tits”. Diana and Christina exchange slaps and the battle erupts in earnest. They clamp each other’s large boobs and put on the squeeze. As Akira and Paris look one, Diana and Christina take their war to the carpet as they attempt to tear off tits by the handful. When Christina is trapped in Diana’s choke, Paris instinctively goes to rescue her, which forces Akira to leap into the fray as well. Now, four sets of long-nailed fingers claw, rake and mutilate four pairs of the most luscious breasts that money can buy. The topless tournament of torture covers the whole room as one pair of dueling hellcats battle on the sofa as the other continue their destruction on the floor. These breast attacks are fought, quite literally, tooth and nail as jaws chew on tender nipples already ravaged by painted talons. And just when the war appears over, each bare-breasted beauty finds a new set of boobs to abuse.

Match 3 -When Tylene Buck refuses to return Cali Logan’s bra, the brunette resorts to good old-fashioned DT style violence to get it back. Cali knows that Tylene is a tough bitch and will not surrender her plunder easily, so she tries to soften the blonde up with a waist scissors. Tylene fakes a surrender to escape and immediately tears into Cali, yanking Cali’s panties up into her butt crack. Scissors are applied to waists and necks as the fight tumbles and leaps all over the parlor, from the floor to the couch as arms and legs continue to mete out breath-taking punishment. Even as ribs are squished and esophagi are crushed, tender breasts and vulnerable crotches are not spared some nasty attacks as well. When a sleeper settles the argument, will the victory be enjoyed by the accuser or the accused?


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