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Match 1 -It is ebony versus ivory in this tantalizing match-up between the fair skinned and spunky Eve Ellis and the brooding, dark chocolate Monica. The two young ladies are dressed in only the tiniest of thongs. They start off the match in the middle of the ring with an intense test of strength. Neither girl even entertains the thought of a loss. These two brawlers knock each other out, strip their opponent naked, and then go back to beating the stuffing out of each other. Both girls sport the cutest braided pigtails that flop around wildly during breath taking bear hugs. This is a great match-up and a great match.

Match 2 – ylene begins this fight in a tiny, tight black dress, talking about how she “loves to catfight” and “will catfight anyone”. The incomparable J.C. Marie walks into the ring in a very sexy purple dress and purple stockings. J.C. is looking for a fight and without a doubt she finds one with Tylene. The two buxom blondes hold each other and roll around the ring in a very sensual yet competitive manner. Lucky for us, the girls get themselves so hot and bothered through their fighting that they decide to strip down together till they are completely nude. They then get back on top of each other and while rolling around the canvas, erotically rub their beautiful quivering bodies together.

Match 3 -Suddenly Jade Star (Nicole Oring) comes up behind Ultra Babe (Tylene Buck) and knocks her to the ground. Next thing we see is Ultra Babe, nude in the center of the ring. She comes to and turns into Ultra Babe, soon Jade star joins her and the fight is on. Ultra Babe is winning when Jade Star neutralizes her belt, then proceeds to destroy her and again has all of her clothes off except for those thigh high white boots. Jade destroys her breasts and crotch, she also has a camera set up in the ring and brings poor Ultra up close to show how weak she is – we see all this up close and personal through this other camera also – it’s great. But this fight is by no means over, no Ultra Babe is never ready to give – can she turn the tables on the evil Jade Star? Sexy blond, sexy brunette – evil vs good – extra fun views — this match has it all!!!


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