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Match 1 -Two of our best slim young fighters, Sinn Sage and Ashley Grace are rearing to go, with each lithesome lass confident that she will beat the other. The fight begins quickly and violently as tight bodies and fair skin press and grind against each other in a titillating struggle that only energetic younglings could produce. It’s a real gas to see their silky hair ripple and whip through the air. Sinn is trained in MMA and soon gets the upper hand. She quickly uses the opportunity to grab her secret weapon: plastic wrap. As she starts to bind an unconscious Ashley with the plastic, Ashley wakes up and the struggle continues. We won’t spoil the ending for you, but suffice it to say that one of these ferocious felines ends up wrapped up for the night.

Match 2Miko Sinz and Emily Addison are both adorable nubiles who look very sexy in their matching white cotton unitards. Miko is petite, while Emily is curvy with a tiny waist. The fighting is frantic and wild; the two girls look more like a mass of writhing limbs than two separate bodies. Body scissors serve to accentuate the curves of the girl’s buttocks and waists. Emily’s ample breasts can’t help but fall out, and Miko’s top winds up at her waist. The bottoms of the soft cotton unitards ride up on the girls until we are left with some of the hottest get ups in DT history. This is a can’t miss video.

Match 3Cali Logan is quickly becoming one of the hottest and most frequently requested new DT stars, and, man, can she both dish out and endure a mean beat-down. Today she is up against a real pro. Akira Lane has become quite the vet here at DT and has crushed quite her fair share of victims in a relatively short span. Akira looks to humiliate Cali. She takes Cali’s top off and viciously chokes her with it. Cali coughs and wheezes in agony. Furious, she gets up and charges Akira, picking the Asian grappler up and slamming her to the mat, and then smashing painful elbows into Akira’s stomach. The match goes back and forth like this for a while. Who will win: youthful vigor, or tried and true skill?


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