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Match 1Francesca Le is readying for a bondage photo shoot when, out of nowhere, the domineering Afrika walks into the ring. Francesca is confused in an adorable little girl sort of way. Before Francesca can even fully grasp the incredible danger she faces, the bell rings. The powerful Afrika takes a sturdy hold of Francesca and lands devastating blow after blow to her fragile tummy. Afrika only needs to twitch her hand to send Francesca flying across the ring. Dazed and in pain, Francesca is stripped down to the tiniest string garment imaginable. Afrika rips at Francesca’s ass cheeks and yanks at the string going down the crack of her butt until it seems Francesca will be ripped in two. Francesca’s mouth is covered with tape and her hands bound. There’s no diverting your eyes as Afrika tortures the helpless Francesca with sadistic relish.

Match 2Tylene Buck claims to be the baddest, blonde bitch in wrestling, and that no other blonde bitch is ever going to beat her. As Tylene poses for the camera, a pissed off Tanya Danielle climbs into the ring and goes nose to nose with Tylene. Both girls look at the camera and ask, “Do you wanna see us catfight? Do you wanna see us pull hair, until one of us is crying?” Well how can anyone turn down that offer, especially when Tylene is wearing a white bikini with sexy thigh high stockings and Tanya is wearing a black bikini, also with stockings. Both these girls have incredible bodies to match their gorgeous blonde hair. The fighting starts and the girls grab each other’s long locks with tight handfuls of hair. Rolling all over the ring, they yell and moan in exasperation and pain. To decide who is the best badass blonde wrestler, the girls also have a breast grabbing competition both girls subjecting their mammoth breasts to torment and torture, and a nude bearhug competition. Two of DT’s most popular buxom blondes duel it out nude, rude and crude!

Match 3Venus Delight is out by her pool when Miko Sinz sneaks up behind her and applies a choke hold, Miko thinks Venus has been avoiding her, now she will have to fight. The pool side brawl lasts till Miko knocks Venus out, then takes her back to her place to show her who’s the best fighter. The busty blond wakes up to find an angry Miko ready to pounce, but first she explains that they are going to have eight tests of strength and if Venus wins even one, she can walk away with her belt and she gets to do what ever she wants with Miko – she knows that Venus lusts after her. But if Miko wins she is the owner of her Venus’s body – Venus is happy to accept and the contest is on. Each contest focuses on a different part of the body – they both seem to like the female anatomy. Every time Miko wins she knocks Venus out, pins her, then wakes her up with kisses to her voluptuous breasts or stomach. Soon she strips her opponent nude then takes her own clothes off as she wants more of their skin in contact. So sexy, this contest had to end up in the bedroom where one becomes the sex slave of the other.


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