Match 1 -The hour glass figured JC Marie and the tight bodied Ariel X are hanging out in their hottest tiny lace dresses. When JC starts talking about how hot she is Ariel X gets fed up and calls her out. The fight gets serious quick. The girls rip the dresses off immediately, fighting in only tiny black thongs. Tit mauling and massive thong wedgies are passed out like candy. The cheesy décor of the apartment contrasts beautifully with the incredible bodies of JC and Ariel. You will love watching the girl’s soft skin being slapped red and squeezed to convulsions. This is a steaming hot video that is sure to please any discerning DT viewer.

Match 2 – These young bombshells are feisty and fit. The gorgeous Emily Addison is wearing a tiny school girl skirt and a bikini top, while Alyssa Reese has on an animal print bikini. Both of these wrestlers have incredible bodies, and their butts are especially awe inspiring. You are going to love watching these young assess jiggle and sway as the girls take turns slugging each other in the face full force. Alyssa bleeds a little bit from the nose as Emily sinks in a mean bow and arrow. However, don’t count Alyssa out. The loser has to kiss and worship the winners feet, legs, and ass, and Alyssa is not going to be happy worshiping Emily. This is a very fun match, I promise you will love watching these two saplings go at it.

Match 3 -This fun filled fight features the adorable Samantha Ryan and the lovable Karlie Montana beating the snot out of each other. These girls are young, pretty, and full of energy, which makes for one great fight. Samantha hooks in a camel clutch that shows Karlie’s hot perky boobs to the whole world. Karlie’s hell bent on paying Samantha back, which leads her to a massive standing surfboard. Samantha’s frail frame almost breaks while being squeezed against the hard mat. Watching her struggle for air is incredibly erotic, but not quite as erotic as watching the loser of this match finally succumb to a long and cruel choke. Get ready for some hot female fighting action!


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