Match 1 -In this wonderful match we see a glorious blonde bombshell taking on an adorable exotic sweetheart. Tylene Buck is more than a pro, she is a legend in the female wrestling world, but Akira Lane is not gonna’ let that stop her from winning this fight. The two beauties square up in the middle of the ring with a powerful test of strength. What ensues is a barrage of violent wedgies, hair pulling, choking, and crotch stomping. You will be happily pleased with the high amounts of pain delivered in this bulge building video. So strap yourself in and get ready to be thoroughly entertained.

Match 2 – This match starts with the champion, Celeste Star, topless in the middle of the ring telling the powerful and also topless Alyssa Reese that she will never be the gang leader. The two young hard bodied hotties start oiling each other down in preparation for one hell of an oil match. Watching their gorgeous bodies shimmer and slide against one another is mind blowingly beautiful. The oil makes Alyssa’s luscious ass look even more amazing than it already is. These young and energetic fighters are ferocious and it’s reflected in every second of the fight. You are going to love the incredible figure four leg lock that Celeste sinks in on Alyssa. Who will be the leader of the gang? Watch this video to find out!

Match 3 -Both of these girls are young and gorgeous. Their bodies are tight and their skin is soft. Prinzzess sinks her fingers deep into Cali Logan’s naturally perfect breasts until she screams in pain. Their innocence is juxtaposed against their cruel behavior. This fight will have your full attention from start to finish as these girls bite, choke, and stretch the life out of each other. Prepare for cuteness overload and torture overload all in the same fight. Fall in love with this naughty video that feature two of DT’s most gloriously hot young ladies going at it like never before.


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