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Match 1Frankie Zapatelli and Julie Squeeze stand in an apartment facing each other nose to nose. There is fire in the eyes of these two bikini clad ladies. They immediately jump into a test of strength, and then into a cruel bear hug. This lasts for a while as the girls crush their tits together. Frankie slams Julie into the wall and lands blow after blow into the poor girl’s stomach. However, the momentum turns in Julie’s favor. She sinks in a deadly kneeling bear hug, and makes sure to return the favor by working Frankie’s soft tummy to a glowing red hue. Enjoy as these two lovely lunatics try their best to inflict bodily harm on one another.

Match 2Francesca is all dolled up for a date with her boyfriend, Jeff. When the doorbell rings she goes to let Jeff in, but it’s the powerful Afrika instead. Afrika bear hugs Francesca, squeezing her guts almost out of her body. Jeff’s wife hired Afrika to destroy Francesca for being the harlot that she is. Afrika’s powerful thighs wrap around Fran’s dainty neck in a figure four head scissors that knocks her out almost immediately. Afrika continues to torture Francesca by breaking her toes and squeezing her head to pop it like a ripe grape. Will Francesca give in and give up her man, or will Afrika be forced to turn Fran into a stain upon the sole of her shoe?

Match 3 -Another of the great championship belt series, this one is out of order as it should have been last year but we wanted to save the best till the end of the year. What makes this the best; Cali Logan, one of the very best of the new crop and Tanya Danielle, one of the best of the veterans – these two together make it great! Belt around her slim waist, Tanya waits for her opponent, she is in a bad mood and Mark warns her to cool it as they need a photo shoot first, she strokes her sexy dress as she parades around in her nylons and heels. Another sexy dress approaches, this one is stuffed with the luscious Cali also in nylons and heels. The hate filled words flow immediately and they need to be broken up, a quick photo shoot shows off their sleek legs and fabulous derrieres. They strip down to nylons and bras – the fight is on and they are both determined to back up their boasting. Slugs, kicks, holds and face sits, each wins a few hard fought falls – they both draw blood, and both show extreme contempt, especially when they win a fall. Bad blood both inside and out, it runs thorough their veins and runs down their faces but only one can win and when she does she makes the loser go through the victory ritual – kisses her legs and her sweet ass. Yes two of the very best make this a great one!!!


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