Match 1Diana Knight says she hates Kymberly Jane so she has set up a fight where the loser gets a make over by the winner, and I don’t think it will be too flattering. To make it fair she has enlisted Emily Addison to be the ref. The tone is set when sweet Kymberly asks mean Diana why she is so mean and Diana answers, “because I’m a bitch”, then hits her with a hard blow below the waist. Soon both women are topless and getting wild and the ref starts to play a larger role than a ref should be playing, yes sexy Emily seems to be playing favorites. Eventually it turns into a two against one, then the weapons come out as Diana wraps a chain around her fist for the ultimate knockout – what, wait a minute everything changes – then, oh no, everything changes again. Just when you think you know what’s going on – you don’t. But one thing is for certain, these three beautiful ladies make this one wild fun match and in the end two girls are chained up getting the worst makeover ever – not a pretty thing to see, but it sure is a fun thing to watch !!!!

Match 2 – Strongest abs and legs, who has them – Miko Sinz or Celeste Star, we are about to find out. A submission only topless match, first one to four wins and you can only win with an abdominal stretch, body scissors, or leg lock, they both agree, then comes the verbal abuse, these girls love to let their emotions out as they dish the trash on each other and then one dishes out a hard gut blow and we are off. Tummy blows in the corner then to the mat for a good body scissor, but no submission so she tries a good abdominal stretch and this secures the first sub. That’s the way it goes as each racks up some submissions, they throw each other around and pound each others guts as wear downs for the submissions. These two young beauties are equal in size so it tuns out to be a battle of wills. Their long dark hair whips across their gorgeous faces as they put on painful figure fours and even a lethal indian death lock. So who has the strongest abs and legs – only one way to find out.

Match 3 -Two of the toughest ever, Sinn Sage and Nicole Oring, oh these girls love to do battle and they will do whatever it takes to win. Bad intentions, that’s how these girls roll, gut slugs, scissors and throws, all with bad intentions as these two go for broke. A quick head lock, sink it deep and sustain it till you drive your foe to the mat, work it long but then some hard ass slaps gets the other warrior in control and now she has her victim in the corner where she delivers hard gut slugs, then to the mat for some smashing leg drops, a reversal and the other battler sinks in a devastating figure four head scissors. That’s the way the whole match goes, back and forth, each beauty works her moves – both tops are off, skin on skin and this is the way they both like it! Two of the toughest but who is the toughest – only one walks away – the other is spread eagled and out for the count.


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