Match 1 -Are you ready for a classic, well hold on because here it is: JC MARIE, Emily Addison and Francesca Le are about to put on one hell of a show. We start out with two of the most gorgeous girls ever; JC in one corner and Emily in the other, clad in sleek sling bikini’s they each take off the wrap around their chest and we are left with their delicious bare breasts. The fight begins and it’s full of great corner action; gut slugs and breast destruction – back and forth these perfect bodies go with neck and wait scissors but always back to those vulnerable breasts. Finally one takes control but just when she settles into some foot humiliation the fiery Francesca attacks her from behind, she stretches her neck out as she rips into her soft bosom. Another great battle rages as each takes control, then the third one wakes up and we have a sustained two against one – they split her apart in every way, total destruction. You might think this is the end but not for a classic, not by a long shot — more destruction, more great fun. Three of the best beauties in the business deliver a true classic!!!!

Match 2Paris Kennedy is taking on Jamie Lynn in yet another amazing tit fight match for DT. These girls have great tits and they know how to use them. This match starts with interviews from each of the girls, which are followed by extended scenes of the girls getting undressed, and then getting ready for the match. This is a super sexy way to lead into the match, but there is no question that the tit fight itself is more pain than pleasure. These girls rip and grab at one another’s tits in a vicious and frantic fashion. You will be both turned on and horrified at the punishment that these big beautiful tits take in this match. Get ready for an absolutely awesome and unique tit fighting match!

Match 3Celeste Star suspects Christina Carter of systematically attacking members of their fighting academy. Celeste invites Christina to her house for a friendly wrestling match to discover if Christina truly is the culprit. When Christina shows up, she enters the house and shakes Celeste’s hand. Celeste is quickly brought to her knees by the powerful grip of Christina. The domination continues as Christina ruthlessly bear hugs, scissors, and crushes the head of Celeste. Celeste squirms like a helpless worm between the crushing pressure of Christina’s palms. The screams and squeals for help are of no concern to the evil Christina. Will Celeste escape the powerful clutch of Christina, or simply become another one of her victims?


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