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Match 1Ariella Ferrera is still new but boy does she love this wrestling, she is bouncing up and down in the corner showing off her most prized weapons; her beautiful large breasts and telling her opponent how she is about to smother her to defeat. That opponent is none other than the sleek beauty, Alyssa and she surprises Ariella by saying how much she loves bountiful breasts in her face. Soon Alyssa has her wish as the wild Latin beauty drops those fleshy pillows on Alyssa’s gorgeous face, then sits up pulling Alyssa into her as she continues the smother, and this is only one of many – I especially like when the single breast covers Alyssa’s whole face and to add insult she pulls up to plug her nose. But wild Alyssa has lots of her own tricks, great scissors with her gorgeous lean muscular legs and some destruction of those chest pillows. Both of these ladies have so much energy, Ariella just can’t slow down and if her foe gets a good hold on she sinks her teeth in. They both spank those fabulous butts and lots of great choking as the energy doesn’t seem to dwindle. Two very contrasting figures, but both are brown beauties full of vim and vigor that won’t stop till one of them is out cold!!!

Match 2Randy Moore is popular for a reason: she is so much fun to watch, even Sinn Sage loves watching her, but more than watching she enjoys rolling with her. But Sinn isn’t about to let this newbe come into her ring and walk out in one piece, right away she drops her beautiful bountiful butt on Randy’s six pac abs, then rolls her into a scissors, next she shows us how wonderful Randy’s body looks stretched in a bow and arrow. The cocky Sinn is amazed when Randy turns the tables and puts a tight scissors around Sinn’s tiny waist, it’s back and forth they go, each taking her turn at destruction, see Randy splash her ass on Sinn’s beautiful booty, and no one looks better being stretched in a boston crab or kneeling surf board than Randy Moore — she leaves us wanting so much more. A scissors combined with a pubic claw draws us close to a painful finish, but not until we have been thoroughly satiated with wild young bodies stretching each other to the splitting point. Two fun girls make for one very fun match!!!

Match 3 -Two of the your all time favorites are decked out in super sexy outfits with knee high stockings and heels, Hollywood and JC Marie are both on the couch when JC seems to go into a daydream. She is soon attacking the statuesque beauty on the couch, she chokes her and plants her perfect posterior on Holly’s chest, to the floor they go where the blond continues her attack as she mauls Hollywood’s breasts, then her crotch – to add insult to injury she strips her beautiful socks off and uses them to choke her. This destruction goes on till she has the slim beauty on all fours begging, then she makes her kiss her feet. But wait one second, I think someone else on this couch is having her own dream of destruction – now Hollywood is on top of JC and her destruction seems to be up a notch. She does everything and more even has the shapely blond collared and walks her like a pet, but not before she attacks her pert breasts and then of course the ultimate humiliation. Wow, watching this fabulous match leaves you with one great decision. So you decide — WHICH ONE WOULD YOU LIKE ???!!!!


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