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Match 1 -Blonde lovers – this is the one you’ve been waiting for! Two fabulous blondies in the ring together, the famous Tylene Buck and the new sensation, Randy Moore, so buckle up boys the blonds are back in town. Nothing Tylene likes more than to go after a girl she doesn’t know, someone new and especially a gorgeous young blonde – oh she so wants to rip that hair out and she almost does as she whips her around the ring by her hair then throws her down, this isn’t the only time she goes after the golden curls. Oh but don’t think Randy isn’t up for this one, no she has heard a lot about this Tylene chick and she wants to leave her mark on her – she does this by slamming her perfect ass on Tylene’s breast flesh and using her strong legs to strangle Ms. Buck. Tylene returns the favor with savage kidney punches vengeful holds. And together they give us one fabulous test of strength as they strain their beautiful bodies trying to overpower each other. Was it worth the wait – YOU BET YOUR ASS IT IS!!!

Match 2Capri Cavanni and Taylor Vixen are two extraordinarily beautiful women. Their bodies are crazy hot! They deserve to be on magazine covers, not getting beaten mercilessly. Too bad for them they wound up in the DT ring, because these girls are smashing each other in a cruel and heartless fashion today. Brace yourself as you watch youthful beauty being choked and stretched into oblivion all for you. The bow and arrows are side splitting, the head scissors are skull crushing, and the body shots are gut wrenching. Please enjoy this vile destruction of innocence, as here at DT, we do our best to make our young starlets give everything they have in the ring, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Match 3EMILY vs CALI – what more needs be said, two of the most popular girls in all of wrestling. Everyone loves to watch these two fabulous bodies in action, Cali in her checkered suit and Em in her patriotic string bikini – both tops come off soon revealing their luscious breasts. Bad blood between these two as Emily believes Cali cheated last time and this time she wants a scoreboard and the loser of each fall has to mark it – this makes Cali angry and she is out to make the sultry one pay for it. A long test of strength starts us off on this pain filled journey, how stunning is it to watch these two set their sleek legs, intertwine fingers and proceed to flex their muscles as they try to over power each other, eventually Cali turns it into a double arm choke which sends Emily into convulsions of pain that drive her to the canvas and soon have her crawling to the scoreboard where she is forced to put on the first mark of defeat. It’s a pattern that will be repeated as tortuous holds are applied, I especially liked the standing surf boards (their bodies looked great in these strenuous stretches) and the face sit breast destruction combination. Over and over that slow crawl to the dreaded scoreboard as with each mark the destruction mounts!!!


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