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Match 1Honey is back, yes by popular demand the fabulous Honey is back – Honey is truly a misnomer as this girl is anything but sweet, she loves to fight and even more to destroy. So when we saw her opponent, Naomi we were sure we had a good fight coming as this girl towers over Honey, yes Naomi is one tall girl with fabulous natural breasts. When they start we see that Naomi is quite strong but she doesn’t know how to fight, hell she doesn’t seem to really want to fight which makes Honey angry, she taunts her and throws her around but still doesn’t get enough fight out of the statuesque beauty so she strips her nude and spanks her firm ass – still not getting all she wants she attacks those fabulous breasts and this only turns her on so she takes off her own clothes and uses the big beauty to pleasure herself. This is one sided destruction, but hell Honey is so worth it and seeing her beat up this big bundle of beauty is so well it’s so – HONEY!!!!

Match 2 -BIG BEAUTIFUL NATURAL BLONDE, with a fabulous body – here she is; Pamela. You are going to love this super beauty, she takes on the statuesque Naomi who towered over Honey and while she is taller than Pamela it’s not by that much. Both ladies have incredible natural bodies and neither has done much fighting but they seem to like the thought of seeing who can take off the other girls clothes, blonde gets Naomi’s top off first and falls in love with the big girls supple natural breasts, she squishes them with glee, soon it’s the brunette’s turn and she finds Pamela’s supple natural breasts to also be a gold mine of pleasure, both these gorgeous tall women rolling over each other is a pleasure to watch. And this pleasure is magnified when naked they become – oh boy are they scrumptious, may not be much as wrestles but sexy, they have that down. Once we get Pamela to do a little more wrestling she could be a real stand out because she is without a doubt — A BIG BEAUTIFUL NATURAL BLONDE!!!!!

Match 3 -Now that big blonde, Pamela goes up against the spunky brunette, Honey. Pamela tries to play the tough role but Honey is having none of it, she dances with the beautiful blonde before she throws her to the mat. Pamela is not ready for Honey’s power, she doesn’t know what to do but she keeps trying, little by little tough Honey strips her nude and then begins to pleasure herself with this fabulous body that is before her; she smacks that firm ass and digs her nails into to those luscious breasts. Honey now frees her own body of clothes so she can really enjoy this beautiful blonde – two super firm bodies rubbing over each other. Always a little fight then some pleasure and watching these two perfect bodies is oh so much pleasure!!!


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