Match 1 -Oh boy, another great knife and wrestling fight and all for the mistress that loves destruction; Diana Knight. Francesca Le arrives first and is shocked when Capri Cavanni also joins them, she soon realizes that she will have to fight to belong to the great mistress. First the two sexy maidens have to strip and dance for the great one, Diana feels their sleek figures, her hands slowly rub over their protruding butts, then they are instructed to go put on black tights and no tops. When they return they are given knives as they tell each other how much they want to destroy for their mistress. It’s a wild and savage fight, they roll across the floor desperately trying to keep the knives from cutting them – they both force the knives from each other and now they struggle to finish each other off with their bare hands. It’s a mighty battle as these bare chested babes strive for destruction – ending in a mutual choke, but only one will crawl away by the side of her mistress!!!

Match 2 -Four beautiful bikini clad vixens standing around their money form the robbery they just completed, they bask is their success but soon split off and are whispering in corners, each twosome decides to take it all for themselves – back in the room they go for their knives and a real donnybrook breaks out. Four wild women all wielding knives, bent on slicing up their victims: Diana Knight and Christina Carter are taking on Tylene Buck and Randy Moore , this is one wild battle as they throw each other around the room trying to get the knives from each others hands – finally the knives are wrangled from all and it’s just hard grappling, so hard the tops are ripped off as they roll across the floor. Two are knocked out and two get up to fight, Randy and Christina each find a knife and a whole new battle ensues till one of these beauties is gutted – this wakes one of the other girls and another fabulous fight ensues and even when this one ends there is one more till only one sexy lady is left standing, and with all the loot – she leaves the strewn bodies of her three lifeless partners. Wow four beauties in one fabulous battle where all the combinations give us many great fights till only one is left standing and holding the bag – and this time holding the bag is a great thing!!!!

Match 3 -Time for a good down and dirty cat fight, who better to get down on the floor and slap some skin than Danielle Trixie , she wants to watch a movie with Alyssa Reese but both of them have different ideas about what to watch – only one way to settle this; that’s right a cat fight. Soon they are trying to pull the hair from their heads as they throw each other to the floor and since they are already topless their inviting breasts make great targets. A wild back and forth battle, Danielle puts on a savage waist scissors from the side then takes it behind where she can also torture Alyssa’s breasts then go for a choke. Alyssa has her tricks that include a great bow and arrow only her foot is hard into the blonde’s crotch, screams of pain only make her push harder. Breast smothers, hair pulling, crotch clawing, hits, holds and lots and lots of great choking make this one down and dirty cat fight with two super sexy babes!!!!


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