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Match 1Francesca Le is tied down to a bed, her wrestling belt and bra on but no bottoms, in walks Venus Delight telling how she kidnapped Fran because she cheated in their last match and doesn’t deserve the belt. The busty blonde now wakes her victim up with kisses, then goes down on her and when Fran wakes up she proceeds to pleasure her, but pleasure soon turns to pain as she digs her nails into Fran’s crotch while she chokes her, soon the sexy brunette is out and Venus leaves her bound victim. Fran awakes and escapes her bindings, when the bad blonde returns she springs her trap, now it’s her turn for revenge, from destruction to pleasure to sleep. Yes, Franny chokes, slugs, pounds, pulls hair, mauls breasts and crotch till her voluptuous victim is out, then she kisses her awake for more – at times she even goes down on her but the pleasure never lasts and always goes back to pain. Soon Venus is stripped nude but Fran can’t stop, from pleasure to pain and back again till she has her just where she wants her – now she adds the final touches – pleasure, pain and …

Match 2Kymberly Jane is angry, Sinn Sage is late and what’s this, she doesn’t even have on a bikini when she comes, well this is just too much for the spunky brunette, she tells Sinn what a low life piece of trash she is and Sinn lets her have it back for the slut she is. Kym makes Sinn take off her shorts and then makes fun of her panties, calling her Wallmart ass, then tells her the rules: no cheating, best of seven falls and the loser has to be the slave for the day, Sinn agrees and Kym takes off after her right into Sinn’s foot. Time for Sinn to get some revenge, she batters Kym’s sleek abs, pounding and pounding her supple flesh till she has her limp, now it’s time to go after her prized breasts, she pulls her top down and digs her fingers into the soft flesh. Sinn is soon placing that beautiful round bottom on Kym’s body then face. Don’t think Kym is down for the count, soon she comes back and now it’s her turn for some great gut slammin’, and she pounds her in every direction then goes after that bountiful butt with smacks and wedgies. It’s a fun battle with lots of great trash talking and one of these babes gets stripped naked and has to be the slave and do some real ass kissing — these two make everything more fun and together they are fabulous!!!!

Match 3 -What do we get when we put Max Makita in with Emily Addison? We get a one sided match of pure beauty, yes pure beauty because Max soon strips the luscious Emily nude and proceeds to put this beautiful body in all sorts of erotic positions. Max loves using her strong arms to control Emily’s arms, her muscles pop as she contorts the sexy one, arms behind her back as she pulls to pain, then over head jutting out Em’s beautiful breasts, then into the fetal position where she can mount her and pull her arms out in front of the hunched beauty, a standing surfboard and a wicked bow and arrow that stretches her naked beauty to the extreme. So many more torturous positions, all showing off Max’s pronounced muscles and Emily’s gorgeous figure. If you like to see Max in control or you like Emily’s wonderful body then this is the perfect one for you!!!!


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