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Match 1Jenni Czech and Aleska Diamond are some gorgeous eastern European girls. They are young, love to fight, and have the faces and bodies of Victoria Secret models. When they heard that they were getting to fight for the world renowned Double Trouble Productions they knew that they would give it their all, and we knew that we would get a great match. These beauties may not be as technically skilled as some of our regulars, but they make up for it with immeasurable tenacity. These tens take each other on like no ten you will ever see, making this a truly great catfight. As an added treat we get to hear Jenni and Aleska trash talk one another in their sexy accents. Enjoy this match. They don’t get much hotter than this.

Match 2Akira Lane has the most coveted belt in DT wrestling, but she’s not keeping it if Capri Cavanni has anything to say about it. This match begins with a long and sexy stretching session. Akira stands facing the corner stretching her legs while the impish Capri sneaks up behind her and delivers a cruel uppercut to Akira’s crotch. The girls know what’s at stake and fight accordingly. These gorgeous women attack each other mercilessly. Their golden tanned perfect bodies writhe and tense in a struggle that pushes each girl to their limits. The perfectly braided pigtails that Capri and Akira start the match with become frizzy messes as this incredible fight goes to the full number of pin-falls.

Match 3Ariel X has been waiting in the ring for a while. A new girl by the name of Billie is late and Ariel is not happy about it. Eventually Billie shows up, but Ariel doesn’t want to hear any of her excuses. Ariel immediately puts Billie into a plethora of vicious holds and shows no sign of letting up. This one sided match is almost hard to watch… almost. Billie is choked and stretched for the entirety of the match. It is actually pretty impressive that she can put up with such a vast amount of pain. Ariel X is a great heel. She places some incredibly intricate and unique holds on Billie, along with some good old-fashioned choke holds. For anyone who is a fan of more technical style wrestling or destruction matches, this fight is definitely for you.


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