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Match 1Sandy White is without question one of the most cruel and destructive wrestlers at DT. She hits girls like a ton of bricks and I have personally seen her snap a girl right in two. Sandy is the perfect fighter for this destruction match. Her victim is the hapless Tylene Buck. Tylene’s back is turned when Sandy spears her at full speed, knocking the sweet and ditzy Tylene into the ropes. From then on it is nothing but pain and misery for Tylene and nothing but fun and games for Sandy. As good as Sandy is at being a cruel attacker, Tylene is just as good at being crushed and brutalized. She whimpers and moans just like she should. This is a truly great destruction match.

Match 2 -Wow, some of the best wear down wrestling I’ve seen in a long time, yes, the first 10 minutes of this match are absolutely fabulous! But then what else would we expect from Max Makita and Sinn Sage, two of the toughest wrestlers ever, this is to see who is the best wrestler. They start out topless and trash talking, each is sure she is the best. The rules are whoever gets the first five falls wins, they can’t use the same submission hold twice, one sub hold per match. This first ten minutes are back and forth, rough and tumble fighting, lots of gut slugs and flings around the ring, super action. After this starts the submission holds, each one long and tortuous as both these ladies like to inflict pain and they both can endure lots of punishment. Two of the toughest – battling to seeing who is the toughest and best pro wrestler!!!!

Match 3Kristiana vs. Ivy Sloan, this doesn’t sound good – no, little Ivy should not be in there with big mean Kristiana. No words needed in this one, no talk just moans of pain and lots of it, right from the beginning the big brunette takes control and from then on it’s all down hill for the poor little blonde. Kristiana plays with Ivy like she is her rag doll, she loves to sit on her with all her weight as she applies an arm bar, then she stays sitting as she turns for a leg hold and she even keeps her butt on Ivy’s back as she pulls the pained Ivy up into a straining Boston Crab. On the mat for the rest of the match, no reason to stand, Kristiana just rolls from one destructive hold to the next. How can poor Ivy endure this punishment ?!?!?!?


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